COVID-19 + resources

If you are still unable or unwillingly to come along to our church gatherings please consider using the following resources:

Livestreaming with St Peter’s Tamworth on Sunday Morning

Checking out the Diocesan Website for a message from the Bishop & a list on many helpful resources.

Ligonier Ministries

Is a favourite & trusted source of faithful bible teaching. They have a library of hundreds of teaching series free to stream (Paul has spent many hundreds of dollar purchasing these previously). Also, they have a list of many other resources to serve you during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Renewing Your Mind – daily audio teaching

Online Group

Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study @ 2:30pm (Zoom)

** Ring or Email Paul for an invite & password

Bible Studies


Sydney Diocese COVID-19 Resources

The Payneful Truth

“I’ll have Claytons, thanks” (Thinking about church for the present – brilliant!)

“The Yeah-But defence”

“George Floyd and the Problem of Goodness”

A song

A timely and helpful song to reflect on from 20schemes music

Articles worth reading

Does God Miss Our Worship?